March 25, 2013

  • 4th Annual Ladies Meeting

    Just a reminder to all of you in our local area…..Missouri Iowa Illinois  …April 6th is our Ladies Meeting.  The speaker this year is Donna Kauffman from PA  Wife of Bob Kauffman w/ Heralds of Hope.  Donna has written multiple books including Treasures of Careful Planning.    If you can come please let me know ASAP  or call the number on the flyer!!!   the Theme this year is Nesting With Purpose, finding & fullfilling God’s purpose for me.


March 2, 2013

  • Engagement

    Most of you probably already know that our son Cody

    is engaged to a sweet gal from FL 

    Her name is Susan. 

    We all love her and are very happy for Cody! 

    We are looking forward to an October 12th wedding. 

    The wedding will be in north Florida. 

    I think they are a good looking couple but then I am the mama!

    cody & susan small pic

    cody & susan small 2


February 25, 2013

  • so celia and I are working away at her 8th grade math and I’m wondering really of what usefulness is it to know all about binary numbers and octal numbers and how to change them to decimal numbers…. really?? is this something she will ever use?  I know the only time I do anything with it is when homeschooling my children LOL


  • Not alot happening in small town  mid america…….

    Mom & Dad have left me and are in Sarasota FL and then heading to Blountstown Fl. 

    Chancy is at EBI in southern Indiana  He is taking a class on the Masculine Mandate and one on Abherrant  Christian Movements also another class which slips my mind.  Chancy will be going back to Hopkins Lumber when he gets back as they held his job for him!  So nice of them

    Cody’s fiance Susan is also at EBI right now.  So Ccdy has been going to visit every other weekend.  Cody has lots to keep him busy between now and the Oct 12th wedding.  The little house he bought needs renovating!  We are waiting for the weather to warm up a little.  Cody is still working for the CIty of Memphis.  they rotate him around to different crews over the winter month but as soon as the weather warms up he will be in charge of  park mantinence again.

    I am in the midst of planning our annual Ladies Spring Meeting with the rest of the committee.  Our speaker this year will be Donna Kauffman  (author, speaker)  Our theme is Nesting With Purpose  finding and fullfinng God’s plans for me   I am looking forward to it.  Please pray with us for Donna as she prepares her message and for the committee as we plan and for the ladies who will come that they will be blessed.      We normally have a little over 80 women attend.this years event will be on Saturday, April 6, 2013  registration starts at 8:30 Meeting starts at 9  a lunch will be served  there will be two sessions before lunch and one after.  We do ask people to pre register so if you are wanting to come please conact me as to who to call!

    Fred is staying busy with Nemo Feed ….he works as a salesman most of the week although he does a feed bag delivery run for them on Wed.  ( it about wears him out)

    Cecilia is growing up fast and is helpful around the house she is wrapping up her 8th grade work this year.  Highschool next year wow!    She like to borrow my clothes  but does not really like me borrowing her clothes….go figure??? 

    Caleb is growing fast also…but it seems not as fast as his cousin Brady….(he is growing by leaps and bounds)  I am fast realizing that in less then 6 months my two youngest will be teenagers and my oldest two will be officially 21 this fall.   I must be getting old! 


January 22, 2013

  • We have been having some very cold weather.  This morning at 8 am  it was a lovely cold 6 degrees  Brr.  I am thankful for our wood stoves.  We have an outside wood stove and another one inside.  When it is this cold if we have them both going our furnace does not even come on.  Other years when we just had the little inside wood stove at night the furnace would kick on.  Fred told me on Saturday that the propane tank was down to 40%.  I said wow that is good since I have not had any fuel put in it since last summer!!!
    On days like this I am glad for my long flannel lined jean skirt!  It helps keep me somewhat warm!!

November 27, 2012

  • Pensacola Ronald McDonald House

    The day before Thanksgiving 
    we took lunch to 
    the Ronald McDonald House in Pensacola FL.  
    The Menu was   
    Chili, Gumbo & Rice 
    along with 
    Cream cheese filled cupcakes

    we all enjoyed it but 
    are thinking  that the next year
     maybe we should do it in the summer 
    since over this holiday time
     many more people volunteer 
    and contribute to things like this

November 16, 2012

  • We are heading south this weekend for our annual Thanksgiving with the Browns

    looks like a fun filled week!  Maybe during the week I can sit down and update!  LOL

October 19, 2012

  • I really need to sit down and write something….  Just don’t seem to have the time.  This weekend is our anniversary.   Next week is Cody and Chancy’s 20th birthday.    Next Friday I am planning a Harvest party for the youth and young married couples in our church.   And the following Monday Cecilia and I are having a “caramel apple tea party”  so we are busy planning and getting things together.  

    Oh by the way I am open to ideas for the harvest party  for games … for a bunch of 15 to 20 somethings ….mostly 17 and up.
    so more to come in the next week.  with pics I hope

September 21, 2012

  • Dining Room Chandelier

    So I had this light I thought I would like in my dining room… I had bought it somewhere on ebay cheap. But after I got it, and Fred hung it I just did not like it.  It was to small and did not give much light and always hung crooked!


    So I had been wanting to do some kind of light fixture with canning jars for in my eclectic home with all my odds and end old things.  Monday Caleb, Cecilia, my cousin Charlotte and I had made a run to Burlington Iowa to pick up a wall oven we had found for Mom on craigs list.  When we got there the Electric oven turned out to be gas……otherwise it would have been great.  $30 for a almost new wall oven and stove top!  Charlotte decided to buy it for maybe future use or to resell.   So while we were there we went to Hobby Lobby!  (love that store…..not as much as Old Tyme Pottery though)  and then went to both  a Goodwill & Salvation Army thrift store.  While at the Salvation Army, I found my light!!!  Woohoo!!  So happy…..


    So I took it home, told hubby what I wanted to do, (he looked at me kinda funny) and I started painting.  FirstI spray painted the light fixture black, I had a friend Becca from Hopkins Lumber in town help we use a drill press to cut the holes in the jar lid flats so we could fasten the jar lids w/rings to the fixture.  Spray painted all of that.  Then my handy hubby took down the old fixture, and rewired the new one up for me.  Cecilia and Caleb screwed on my jars and here it is!!  I am so very pleased!  However I think I will make a change,  Im going to switch out the quart jars for pint jars, I think it will look more balanced.  I might also switch out the bulbs,  the little clear round ones  in it now are the ones that came with it.  They are 60 watt bulbs and with 9 of them its pretty bright.  It also glares a little so, Im thinking 40 watt bulbs and maybe frosted ones! Even so I am very very happy with my “new” light!





September 15, 2012

  • freds broken heel

    Tuesday morning Fred broke his heel when he jumped off of the back of the feed truck (about 4′) when he heard the farmer screaming.  Apparently the farmer had gotten out of the tractor to adjust the forks and had left a 2 yr. old grandson in the tractor who accidently pushed the lever and dropped the forks onto the mans foot crushing it.   Fred heard him screaming and went to help. When he landed he broke his heel.  Later we found out that  the man had three bones in the top of his foot broken and it smashed the foot so hard that it squished muscle and tissue out through the toes so he also had to get stitches.  Poor fella. 

    So Fred’s heel is broken in his left foot.  Next week once the swelling goes down we are to go back to the orthopedic Dr and have a cast put on it.  He is to wear the cast for at least 8 weeks and not put weight o the heel. The Dr said that he should expect at least 2 yrs of pain.   Freds foot is very black & blue.

    foot 1